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new Ando wallpaper: VILLIAN OR HERO?

From watching_heroes,

This is the tenth in the series of twelve wallpapers that are being released on the Heroes official MySpace page. If you want to see the rest, you can go here.

What did people think of Ando in last night's episode?

I'm glad that Ando didn't give up or push too hard. He helped Hiro open the grate but then said he wasn't going since Hiro didn't seem to want him to and he was sick of following where he wasn't wanted. I'm glad that Ando is sticking up for himself and insisting on being thought of as 'partner' instead of just a sidekick.

Better, he is so loyal to his best friend that he stands by him even when Angela is trying to humiliate him. Ando isn't idealistic, but he knows that Hiro is.

Has anyone ever had a friend who left them, or didn't trust them?
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